The Foundation Of it All
A Marketing Department
Part 1 of 3

This week, Stradigi will teach you the steps on how to effectively market and grow your local small business. This will create and produce steady revenue, eliminating those ebbs and flows for any business owner.          

The Importance
Why do we need marketing for our business? Well, every company needs a marketing department because they promote the business and have a mission of organization. Marketing helps boost engagement levels, create stronger content quality, maintains a consistent brand style, and tracks your target market for you. Because marketing interacts directly with consumers, it determines the success or failure of the company in generating revenue. Marketing tracks the customers needs and wants which helps you provide a product specifically for them. Besides promoting your business products and sales, marketing also introduces your company to new leads and customers by reaching wider audiences. Without this, it can be very difficult to gain new customers, maintain leads, and keep your business afloat. The main goal of marketing is to make more of a profit

What do I Need?
Now that we know how important marketing is, how do we get started in creating a good marketing department? There are three things that are non-negotiable when it comes to marketing. The first step to having a successful marketing department is to have the people. This will give us the knowledge that we need to create a marketing plan specifically for our business. The people will help us learn about our target markets, what our valued customers need, and their desired expectations from our business. The second thing that you will need to have are the resources. This would include a marketing and sales platform, and marketing tools. A marketing platform is an end-to-end process that attracts, matches, and connects diverse groups of customers to enable them to transact with your business. This would be marketplaces (Ebay, Amazon), and payment platforms (VISA, Apple Pay, Paypal). Next you will need marketing tools. Marketing tools are social media, video marketing, event marketing, and online advertising. Anywhere that gets your business publicity or attention. And the third and final step is to have a marketing structure. This is your business processes, and policies. They essentially determine the level of competition in a market. They are the different market characteristics that determine relations between sellers to each other, of sellers to buyers, and etc.

With a Price Tag
Now that we have discussed all of the things needed for a marketing department, it's time to discuss how this can get complicated. Throughout the process of gaining a marketing department for your small business, many companies often miss a few major points in having a customizable plan for your business. Owner pains from this might be that most companies are too expensive. Most marketing platforms have uncustomizable plans for small businesses. Where they might need one thing but not the rest. Essentially paying for unnecessary products. Another problem is that small businesses often pay a lot of money to not even see results from their trusted marketing platforms. You could be spending half of your monthly revenue on this marketing platform that is not even giving you the results that you wanted. The third problem that we face with online marketing companies is that they may not even explain what you are purchasing. Since most marketing companies' plans are not customizable and fit just for your business, most marketing agencies are more than likely going to hand you a brochure and tell you to read over it to know what you are receiving. This eliminates the in depth plan that will help your business

In Conclusion

- In conclusion, every company is different and will want to market differently. This is why Stradigi Virtual Marketing is different. We offer a wide variety of packages that we customize just for you and your business. We are budget friendly as we cost fifty to seventy percent less than our competitors. At Stradigi we equip you with all of the platforms that your business will need. We give you the end-to-end marketing solution that is built specifically for any small business owner that is easy, affordable, and effective. We provide an online strategic marketing platform. It is a localized and optimized website with near me technology that is integrated with a marketing and sales platform already installed. This website will work together with your optimized Google My Business profile to attract and convert visitors into qualified sales leads. All of this is included free with our packaged marketing services.

Stradigi is the preferred online marketing solution For Entrepreneurs, By Entrepreneurs. Our plug-and-play method of marketing eliminates the ebb and flow of revenues that many local businesses experience. Stradigi delivers the highest potential growth while reducing marketing costs by fifty percent or more. We are a one-of-a-kind solution which is hands free, hassle free, and personalized directly for your business and its needs. It starts with a no-cost, full-scale, end-to-end Virtual Marketing Department delivering the people, planning, platforms, processes, and packages needed to grow your small business quickly, affordably, and effectively. We offer a variety of customized solutions that aim to meet the marketing needs of your company. Click the link for your free assessment or call us at (724)-209-7020.