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Digital Marketing: 1st Page Google Rank

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Does Your Site Rank On The First Page Of Google?

Website search engine optimization is the keystone of successful inbound digital marketing! By not being visible in the first page of the relevant local keyword searches in Lafayette, IN, you will get little traffic from the search engines resulting in higher marketing costs. Google shows 10 results on the first page when someone searches for any specific terms, if you can be visible in the first page of Google results, your website will drive more visitors, lower your marketing costs, mean more authenticity and build trust. 

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How We Help Small Business Owners

Stradigi's unique local digital marketing solution was built to specifically help small Lafayette, IN business owners market their small business with minimal time and monetary investment.  Our 3-in-1 (3CC) solution combines our proprietary conversion architecture technology, high-end hyperlocal websites and inbound marketing into 1 dynamic fully integrated marketing campaign.  Our campaigns focus on your small business's local market(s) to build a superior online presence, drive visitors to your online store front, and nurture these visitors into qualified leads.  This is all done with very little time, money, or knowledge at a flat monthly rate!     

Team Resources

No more worries about handling the day-to-day tasks associated with managing your digital marketing efforts. Our team of subject matter experts (SME's) will handle much of the heavy lifting; content writing, social media posts, high profile backlinks, local citation directory listings, and more...

Website Design

It takes less than a second for a user to form a judgment about your website and your business. That first impression matters. Our team crafts a site for your business that will look great, get you results, and ensure that you make the right kind of first impression.

Email Marketing

Take charge of your customer list with an email marketing campaign that promotes your current offers and provides meaningful content on a regular basis, keeping customers engaged.

CRM Software

Once your plan begins, we don’t leave you behind. We provide an ongoing real time ROI reporting to show you just what’s working and how well it is going.

Local SEO Marketing Strategy

We’ll fine tune your SEO strategy so it fits into the Lafayette, IN region, letting you increase call rates and capture your local niche market in a much better way.

Geo-Targeted Marketing

We’ll fine tune your SEO strategy so it fits into the Lafayette, IN region, letting you increase call rates and capture your local niche market in a much better way.

Local Social Media Marketing

In an age when almost everyone has social media, it’s important to capture that segment of the digital marketing world. We tailor your social media marketing to target locals and help you stand out from the competition.

High Profile Backlinks

Our team uses this SEO technique to drive visitors to your website using social media sites and other profiles, increasing your SEO results rankings in the process.

Google My Business, Local Setup

If you have a physical location, we create a Google My Business profile for you. This makes it easy to provide info on things like your hours, your location, and when you’re busiest to help customers learn more about you.

Autoresponder Messages

Our autoresponder system ensures that you don’t lose a lead. Every visitor to your site gets assistance, introducing more valuable leads to your marketing pipeline.

Powerful Call to Action

We use strong calls to action to motivate your customers into taking action. We’ll create multiple calls to action to ensure that every visitor gets the right one depending on where they are located.

Lead Tracking

We keep track of who we contact and when. This way, we can identify how far those individuals make it into your pipeline and measure your digital marketing success rates.

How It Works


Consultation with an Expert

As part of our monthly flat rate campaigns you will have your own marketing team. We will have a one-on-one discussion about your small business. Our subject matter experts (SME's) perform market research on your small business, your industry and your competitors. After collectiong the data, facts, and information it's off to Step #2: Creation and Launch.


Creation and Launch

Once we know you and your goals, we’ll start creating your digital marketing strategy and plan. We work directly with our clients to create a marketing campaign that fits their goals and budgets perfectly. We handle all aspects of design and distribution and provide top of the line tracking software to let you see how things are going.


Insights and Support

Once your campaign is launched, we continue providing industry insights and support to see what is working and what isn’t – making sure we adjust and improve your marketing outreach in a big way.


Digital Marketing Packages Starting at $600/Month!

Small Single Location

$600 / month  
+ Website
  • Designed for Small to Medium City (<500K in population)
  • Custom Website
  • Local SEO (Monthly)
  • Local Social Marketing (Monthly)
  • 1 Target City
  • 0 Surrounding Cities
  • Month-to-month, No Contracts
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Large Single Location

$700 / month  
+ Website
  • Designed for Larger City (500K+ in population)
  • Custom Website
  • Local SEO (Monthly)
  • Local Social Marketing (Monthly)
  • 1 Target City
  • 0 Surrounding Cities
  • Month-to-month, No Contracts
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Any Size Multi-Location

$800 / month  
+ Website
  • Designed for Multi Location (Service Areas or Locations)
  • Custom Website
  • Local SEO (Monthly)
  • Local Social Marketing (Monthly)
  • 1 Target City
  • 9 Surrounding Cities
  • Month-to-month, No Contracts
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Interested in targeting more cities? Ask about custom pricing for enterprise-level plans!

Why Clients Choose Us

We're Part
of Your Team

At Stradigi, we believe in building relationships that will last. That’s why we take the time to get to know you and become a part of your team. Your marketing success is our genuine desire.

Knowledgeable Experts

We have over 21 years of entrepreneurship starting, operating, and scaling small businesses just like yours. Our experienced staff has the knowledge needed to provide real results to you.


We understand the stress of thinking that you’re going to miss a prime marketing opportunity. That’s why we provide five-star assistance to our clients and make efforts to return all inquiries in a timely fashion.

Case Study

  • Challenge
  • Solution
  • Results
  • PHP Services the local Pittsburgh, PA area. We target small to mid-size private doctor's practices with a service of chronic care management (CCM). We sell with a direct sales rep model and outbound marketing is tough because doctors are busy and typically don’t want to see or talk to a sales rep. The best way to get in with a doctor is by inbound marketing, having them or their practice manager find us, which means we need to have a strong online presence with keywords a practice will search for, Medicare, chronic conditions, value-based healthcare, chronic care, Improve patient health, increasing practice revenue, wellness visits, etc.

  • Before we found Stradigi we used another marketing management platform that gave us a CRM, marketing automation and some analytics but it didn’t tie our website and inbound marketing to this marketing management platform. It also was not hyperlocal focused which meant it was very hard to rank on the first page of Google.

  • We are a small company that does not have the resources, time, money or knowledge to really focus on our inbound digital marketing efforts making it difficult to generate consistent qualified leads for our sales team. Stradigi took us to the next level and helped us reach our goals!

  • Iris and the Stradigi team has been a HUGE help for my company and me. They are the backbone of our marketing and they completely revolutionized how we are acquiring leads now. We don’t have the budget to hire an in house marketing department but Stradigi is just that, for a fraction of the cost. Recently our company had tough luck with this pandemic and had to stop operating and cut costs down. Stradigi understood that and worked with us so we could keep our marketing team in tact! I would recommend Iris and her team for anyone needing powerful and affordable marketing solutions.
    Marleni Frye Montes
    Clean Lemon
  • "We’ve just started working with Stradigi less than 6-months ago and our website is already listed on page one of Google!"
    Mei Sedlack
    Manager Director
  • "Stradigi's team of experts are knowledgeable, super nice & eager to please. The best part is they did the work for me."
    Sebastian Kiely
  • "I highly recommend Stradigi! Their software automation has saved me so much time by doing marketing tasks I previously had to do manually."
    Dave Walsh

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