Online Marketing Service

The Third Part of Our Product Triangle


Are you experiencing monthly revenue fluctuations? You’re not alone; most local business owners deal with this. This stems from a lack of consistent sales, which stems from a lack of sales qualified leads. A lack of consistent SQL’s is a direct reflection of poor or non-existent online marketing.  

As successful and long-time entrepreneurs, we have been there many times. Many small business owners have been where you are. Unfortunately, only 50% of small businesses stay open past the five-year mark. Many small business owners find that owning a business drains you mentally, your pocketbook, and your free time. Stradigis’ solution to uncertainty turns uncertainty into consistency, removing the unknown. As entrepreneurs, we have felt the pain and dealt with the struggle of uncertainty.  

In the previous blog, we discussed the pain of business uncertainty and how to solve this problem. Next, we broke down the Virtual Marketing Department (VMD) and Online StoreFronts pieces of the overall solution. Finally, this blog discusses the last part of our marketing solution, online marketing services. This portion is designed to drive quality visitors to your online storefronts.

“Did you know that 76% of small business owners report facing marketing challenges.”

The method we developed over the past 25 years on dozens of our businesses alleviates the uncertainty pains that small business owners face. Each step was carefully thought out and executed For Entrepreneurs…By Entrepreneurs….to be the perfect recipe for success. Stradigi’s solution is cost efficient (saving 50% or more on marketing costs), effective (we will share your results with you and keep you updated on your success), and convenient and easy for business owners (we take care of things for you). 

Simple Explanation

Now that we have a visual example of the marketing triangle, let's see how it works to generate success for businesses. Listed below, we have broken the marketing triangle down into a more straightforward format to help you understand how each component plays a role in the success of your business. 

Virtual Marketing Department (VMD)

It begins with the Virtual Marketing Department, which sits at the top of the marketing triangle. The VMD sits at the top of the marketing triangle because it is the foundation of this marketing solution. The Virtual Marketing Department comprises three components; the plan, the people, and the resources. 

Marketing Plan - The marketing plan is the keystone that your entire marketing  efforts

  • Your Goal(s)
  • Your Target Market
  • Your Locations/Service Areas
  • Client Pains
  • Client Benefits
  • Your Differentiating Factor(s)
  • Your Lead Magnet
  • Your Keywords
  • Your Competitors

Marketing People - The marketing people give your business the experience, knowledge, and skills you need to create and execute the marketing plan strategically. 

  • Marketing Experience
  • Marketing Knowledge
  • Marketing Skills

Marketing Resources - The technical resources provide the marketing people to execute the marketing plan with efficiency, accuracy, and scalability.  

  • Marketing Platform (Automation & Management)
  • Sales Platform (Leads & Opportunities)
  • Tools (Marketing & Sales)

To have marketing success, a marketing department is mission-critical. The downside is it can be costly from a financial and lost opportunity standpoint. Unfortunately, not having a marketing department is non-negotiable in today’s competitive landscape, and it is challenging to succeed without this department. 

“Did you know that local business owners who handle their marketing 

only spend 2 hours per week on marketing.”

Most small business owners choose not to invest in online marketing because they see it as an expense rather than an investment. However, given the returns it will provide, it is worth making the investment and hiring professional assistance if done right. Digital marketing done well can give you an unfair advantage over your competition.

The marketing plan will have a layout of every process your business will go through to become a successful platform. This is needed because without the proper planning. This will fail. The people should be able to give you the best advice and direction. They will provide you with knowledge about your target market, the wants and needs of customers, and ways you could improve. Next, you will need the resources. This is the marketing and sales platform. This is crucial because this is directly what attracts and connects with your qualified visitors and allows them to communicate with you. 

Online Marketing Storefront

The online storefront is the bottom right component of the marketing triangle. The online storefront comprises your website, landing pages, and Google My Business profile. The online storefront has one job, to get visitors to take action or, what we say, raise their hand.  At this point in the marketing process, we take qualified online storefront visitors, convert them into SQL’s, and hand the SQL over to sales.  

Two types of visitors come to the storefront; the visitor who is ready to buy and the visitor who is still researching solutions. So the online storefront has two jobs, Capture the visitor's attention so they don’t bounce off your site quickly, and convert visitors to a SQL.

Online Marketing Services

The bottom left component of the marketing triangle is the online marketing services, which we will discuss today. The online marketing services have one job: to take a qualified prospect and turn them into a qualified online storefront visitor. 

The three types of online marketing services: 

  1. Tier 1 online presence (organic SEO marketing). The tier 1 services are what will get you found online when a keyword search is performed. 
  2. Tier 2 outbound lead generation. The tier 2 services are outbound marketing communication campaigns designed to target specific lists to get them to raise their hand. 
  3. The tier 3 inbound lead generation (paid marketing). The tier 3 services consist of Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Retargeting.

Using all three of these online marketing services together is key to driving enough  quality visitors to your online storefront to be converted into SQL’s..

What Are the Differentiating Factors of the Tiers?

The tiers in the online marketing services component are to be added one after another to give you three avenues to produce quality visitors to your online storefront. It is essentially casting a bigger net.  In today's marketing world, you can not rely on just one. You need to have multiple avenues to generate visitors to your online storefront. Tier 1 is the most important avenue to create quality visitors; however, it takes the longest to start producing visitors. Why? Because you are organically improving your odds of being found online through a keyword search. At the same time, Tier 2 outbound communication campaigns and tier 3 inbound paid advertising can be directly influenced and controlled.  We will explain our options listed below! 

Why Should I Pick Stradigi?

Solving the right problem in your business is key to your success and longevity.  Marketing is not the problem you are trying to solve; uncertainty and inconsistent revenue is the problem to solve. We know exactly how to remove the uncertainty in your local small business and replace it with consistency then scalability. You need experienced and successful entrepreneurs who have been there and done that; entrepreneurs who know your pain, who have lived your pain. We are the preferred end-to-end solution, built for entrepreneurs… by entrepreneurs… If you would like to learn more about removing your uncertainty, schedule a 30-minute meet and greet, and we will tell you how you can get a free 30-point online marketing assessment. Learn your online marketing score and our recommendations.  

At Stradigi, we believe in local business owners, which is why we built our entire company solely around local businesses. We believe in quality; however, this doesn't come with an expensive price tag. Our customers save 50% or more compared to the average cost for online marketing. Our Strategy targets small businesses to solve their unique marketing needs in an affordable way, built to fit your business needs. Stradigi is hands-free and hassle-free, and they get the job of marketing done for you! This allows you to take care of the things you need to do.