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At Stradigi, our mission is to provide every small and mid-sized business owner in Lafayette, IN and Pittsburgh, PA with an affordable, efficient marketing strategy to help grow their brand and increase sales. We won’t stop working until this is the case.

Our Story

At Stradigi, we understand that no two businesses are the same. That’s why we work on providing customized solutions to meet your marketing needs. From general consulting services to direct mailers, utilizing our services is an excellent way to help your Lafayette, IN and Pittsburgh, PA businesses grow.

Our Values


We are not a company who will work with you only for a few days or weeks. With analytics software and an experienced team, we seek to enter a relationship that will last for years.


At Stradigi, we provide custom solutions. To do this effectively, we need to take the time to get to know our clients. We’ll work with you to gain an understanding of your business operations.

Quality Service

We understand that our clients are making an investment in their marketing services, which is why we want to improve top-notch service. We continually seek the latest software and printing methods to deliver quality products to our customers.

  • Iris and the Stradigi team has been a HUGE help for my company and me. They are the backbone of our marketing and they completely revolutionized how we are acquiring leads now. We don’t have the budget to hire an in house marketing department but Stradigi is just that, for a fraction of the cost. Recently our company had tough luck with this pandemic and had to stop operating and cut costs down. Stradigi understood that and worked with us so we could keep our marketing team in tact! I would recommend Iris and her team for anyone needing powerful and affordable marketing solutions.
    Marleni Frye Montes
    Clean Lemon
  • "We’ve just started working with Stradigi less than 6-months ago and our website is already listed on page one of Google!"
    Mei Sedlack
    Manager Director
  • "Stradigi's team of experts are knowledgeable, super nice & eager to please. The best part is they did the work for me."
    Sebastian Kiely
  • "I highly recommend Stradigi! Their software automation has saved me so much time by doing marketing tasks I previously had to do manually."
    Dave Walsh

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