Why Should I
Hire a Marketing Agency? 

Do you ever feel like you get so busy running your business that you can’t dedicate time to marketing? 

Between marketing trends, staying in the loop with a constantly growing marketing industry, or simply, you might just not have the time to market your business. Well, you are not alone. 53% of businesses use a marketing agency and 47% of businesses do not. This means that 47% of businesses run marketing entirely on their own. Resulting in less than two hours per week on marketing efforts! 

That number is extremely low compared to what most marketing agencies suggest that you spend. On average, you should be spending 20 hours a week marketing your business. This number can be up to 25 hours a week if you want your company to be relevant and top of mind. 

You might be wondering if hiring a marketing agency is worth the money, hassle of finding the right agency for you, and then finding a marketing plan that best fits your business needs. Well, we are going to explain to you why EVERY business needs a marketing agency and how it can be less difficult than you may think. 

What Should I Expect?

Although there are many different types of marketing agencies, you need to make sure that you are gaining a valuable partnership because your marketing efforts simply determine the success of your business. 

Marketing services can include a variety of things just like we offer to our clients here at Stradigi; here are some of our direct examples from our packages:

  • A Marketing Plan for short term, mid-range, and longterm goals
  • Web development
  • A Roadmap
  • Tools For Your Business (GMB, Website)
  • Citation Profiles
  • Content Marketing
  • Blog Posts
  • SEO and Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing and management system
  • Reputation Management
  • Email marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Target Marketing
  • Easy Communication System
  • Marketing Organization System
  • Marketing Progress System
The best marketing agencies always offer more than one strategy. Typically the best marketing agencies offer personalized packages to cover all of your business goals. 

Here at Stradigi, we offer a wide range of marketing strategies that grow with the clients over time.

Pick Wisely

There are hundreds of marketing agencies to choose from, all offering different services, levels of expertise, prices, and owner involvement. Some agencies offer a few packages for particular business models, while others offer full-service and a la carte services.  Although you might have an idea for what you would want in a marketing agency, keep this into consideration.

Is the marketing agency full-service?

Full service agencies are most sought after because they offer everything your business needs for marketing, promotions, and advertising - all in the same place. Convenient, right?

Another great factor of a full-service marketing agency is that you don’t have to use everything that they offer. This is because they offer their services as a la carte or package depending on your business goals. Another advantage is that full-service agencies are typically the most cost-effective plans to meet the business goals. 

Full-service agencies tend to be cheaper because they don't require your business to open up new projects with other companies or involve multiple businesses for a certain project. They offer a team that can provide anything from technical support to a new campaign. Needing multiple businesses results in upselling you or making a large profit margin. However, a full-service agency will work on growing your business in a cohesive way and offer the best deals with the best results!

What Are The Benefits?

Although you may do your own marketing, there are still PLENTY of reasons that you should hire a marketing agency such as;

1. You Get More Experts to Work With
    Marketing is ever-changing; it is difficult for one person to become an expert at everything, especially since marketing is complex. Agencies are always leading in trends and technology. 

    Because agencies work with many clients at a time, they work with specialists for each section of their marketing solution. This means that agency employees focus on their area of expertise - and that's all. Resulting in years of cumulative experience from multiple people. When experience comes together, it offers a much broader skill set than one single person.

    They specialize in targeting the right customers, at the right time.

    2. You Can Learn From Experts With Experience 

      As mentioned above, marketing agencies offer a diverse team consisting of collective experience with clients. This knowledge works with a variety of businesses ranging in sizes, stages, and locations based on the agency's broader skill set than your staff may have.

      Throughout the years of experience, these marketing teams spend valuable time researching and figuring out the solution for success so that you don’t have to. They have tried and tested methods first hand to generate a plan of success for you.

      Resulting in a scenario where no matter what your goals are, an agency will have some similar experience related to your wants/needs which will also help avoid downfalls or mistakes by using their past experience knowledge.

      3. EFFICIENCY 

        Since there are many results to monitor, industry trends to monitor, and a need to deliver tasks each day, it can be hard to put these efforts into one person. Especially while trying to own and operate your business.

        Another way that marketing agencies are efficient is by having  multiple specialists in different departments. You never have to worry about if someone leaves, goes on vacation, or is sick. There will always be someone to pick up where another employee left off. 

        4. Unlimited Tools And Resources

          Your marketing efficiency will also be determined by the tools that you use. Such as; an optimized Google My Business profile, Facebook, an Optimized website, and SEO.

          5. You Can Save Money

            After all of the benefits listed above of the benefits of a marketing agency, you might be assuming that they come with a high price tag. This can be true; however, that is not always the case. You can actually save money by using an agency vs. bringing in one or more employees. Not only does an agency help with a team of experience and expertise, but a team that is a fraction of the cost of creating your own marketing department to the same extent. 

            For example, the average cost per hire is $4,000 per month. To cover the salaries of a few marketers to make a team, you are looking at numbers in the millions. This just is not realistic for a small, local business.

            However, when you use a marketing agency such as Stradigi, we have packages that range from $500-$1,500 depending on your business needs.

            That is as low as  ⅛ of the price that you would spend on one employee for your team. Not to mention the added benefits, technology expenses, and office space that you would need for your team, and the best talent in the field that you can’t find otherwise hiring each person.

            This is more ideal for most if not all business owners, however, it is especially ideal for small, local businesses since it is more cost-effective and can sometimes be the only way that small, local businesses can afford marketing services.

            6. New Ideas

              Your marketing agency will be a new set of ideas and perspectives for your business that you may (or may not) have not seen before. 

              This is a great way to create innovation which helps you stay ahead of your competition. Innovative thinking helps you predict the market and customer needs. If you don’t innovate you will have to try and catch up with your competitors, which can be hard when you feel like you have run out of ideas. 

              7. Real Results

                Using effective tools results in effective results. 

                Here at Stradigi, we offer you multiple systems that help you monitor your progress. On demand, whenever. 

                This helps you grow by showing you real analytics on content or campaigns that do well vs. not so well. This allows you to keep pushing the right content without wondering what content has been working and what has not.


                Still questioning if you think that a marketing agency is right for you? Or are you ready to get more information now?

                Wherever you are in your marketing journey, Stradigi would love to help you navigate it. Contact us today for more information or CLICK HERE for your free assessment and website recommendations today.