What Is An About Us Page

And Why Is It Important?


Do you want to showcase your business history? Or maybe you want to have a strong first impression on website visitors and potential customers. 

Well, no matter the reason, an “About Us” page is crucial for any business website. 

An “About Us'' page is a page used by all businesses with websites to give customers or website visitors more information about their business and its purpose. This is a place to tell your founding story, business accomplishments, and employee spotlight. 

Your “About Us” page is one of the most important elements on any business website. Since website “About Us” pages are one of the top three places that visitors go, it is crucial to have a memorable one. 

This page is where the website visitors will learn about your company and the services you offer. This results in the potential loss or gain of a customer for your business without even having to do anything but explain who you are and what problem you are trying to solve for your customers.

Who Visits “About Us” Pages?

Everyone. “About Us” page visitors will consist of anyone who visits your website, views your about us page, and reads it. This can be current customers or clients, potential customers, or just website visitors. 

This is why your “About Us” page is so important. It can be the first thing that potential and current customers see. It needs to be memorable and different from your competitors. Make your page original and exciting. This will help you stand out from your competitors.

 What Makes A Good About Us Page?

The “About Us'' page is used by all types of businesses to give potential and existing customers an idea as to who is involved with your business, your business mission, and your business purpose. 

Business history is often showcased as well as the people in charge such as the CEO or business owner . This can be shown by a small autobiography and is typically accompanied by a portrait of the person showcased.

The about us page is often a reflection of the purpose of the business and its owners or person(s) in charge.

The page can also have some personal contact information of the CEO or owner. Such as their personal or work email and phone number.

What To Include In My About Us Page

A remarkable “ About Us” page is genuine, personable, and distinguished. It should give the page visitor an idea as to what your business solution is. 

  • How your business was created, what problem it solved, and why you made it for others.
Your “About Us” page may also include information about your employees and what their roles are. (Remember to include personal interests, stories, and photos that help elaborate your unique story of your business)

 About pages are personal to you and your company, so the structure of your about page will vary based on what you want your business to highlight. 

A great format for your “About Us” page can include an outline of your company's story, your target market, your solution for your potential and current customers problem, and the area that your business serves. 


Although the items above are great for people to get to know your business, they are basic. Some things to help you stand out from your competitors is to include things that build trust and credibility. Here at Stradigi, we recommend the following -

  • Include social media 
    • Your “About Us” page should include your social media links.
    • These links should be easily accessible to allow your website visitors to connect with you on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and more. This allows your visitors to see additional dimensions of your personality or your company's.
  • Include a spotlight of client testimonials or reviews
    • The best way to make a sale is through credibility and trust. There's no better way to build both by posting testimonials.


An “About Us” page is critical for any website success. Here at Stradigi Virtual Marketing, we encourage all of our clients to obtain and update theirs frequently. 

Do you have an “About Us” page that needs to be updated? Or maybe you need one in general. Contact us today to get your “About Us” page website ready.

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