10 Ways To Grow Your Local Business Through Online Marketing


Are you a new business trying to get noticed? Or maybe you are an existing company that wants easier, faster, more cost effective ways to obtain leads or reach new audiences. Well, online marketing is for you. Actually, online marketing is for EVERYONE. Businesses big and small can learn to successfully promote their products or services online with just a few steps. Stradigi is here to teach you how! Although you may think that online marketing is just simply ads, it is so much more. 

 What is Online Marketing?

Online Marketing ( also known as internet marketing or web marketing) is a form of marketing that uses the internet to deliver promotional messages to potential and existing customers through digital channels such as search engines, emails, websites, and social media. Online marketing also allows you to sell products and services over the internet. The goal of online marketing is to help your business grow by reaching new audiences, attracting them, and converting these audiences into leads. Sounds easy, right? Well, it can be with the right steps taken. 

 10 Ways To Grow

Create a Call to Action

  • The first thing that you should do is create a Call To Action (CTA). Nothing that you do before this will be effective. A CTA is simply a design to prompt an immediate response or encourage an immediate sale. It can be incorporated into sales scripts, advertising messages, or webpages which results in the audience to act in a specific way. This helps move your prospects on the verge of buying or subscribing to your products or services by simply telling the users what they need to do next. This is important because it tells users that could be on the fence about the next step to just do it. It is encouragement and prompts urgency. CTA’s can be subtle or blunt. Usually CTA’s are written like this.

Adopt new Technology

  • With technology moving as fast as it does these days, it can seem impossible to keep up with it. However, online marketing helps. All of the benefits from new technology such as live streaming, messaging, posting, and online events, will all boost your digital marketing. As you do that, your customers will be able to follow you, have easier access to getting in touch, and know that you are there a click away.Once you set up your media accounts, you will then be able to follow others as well which will enable you to see how your competitors are advancing as well as other companies worldwide. Watching these trends of technology will allow you to then see how to keep up and stay in-the-loop making your business relevant and popular.

Enhance Customer Relationships

  • Online marketing offers a variety of ways to interact with potential and existing customers. On social media, you can post engaging content which allows your followers to interact, enable direct messaging which allows potential or existing customers to message your business 24/7, and create STELLAR customer service. Not only  does this help them feel connected and heard, but it builds brand value. It can also help with positive reviews and customer referrals. Make sure that the communication is insightful, thoughtful, and built to fit the customers needs.

Collaborate With Other Businesses 

  • Another great way to grow your company with online marketing is through collaborations. These partnerships are when you combine forces with another brand or influencer and come up with a mutually beneficial plan. This could be through social profile takeovers (someone takes over your business account and refreshes it), Competitions or giveaways, or shoutouts to showcase a product or service for your business. Collaborations are ideal because they help you gain exposure by reaching a new audience, inspiration, generate new leads, and help you see from a new perspective.

Make Capital Out Of Content Marketing

  • Content marketing is when you use marketing to attract, engage, and retain an audience by creating and sharing relevant articles, blogs, videos, and podcasts. After so long of posting content and retaining followers, you can become a creator. Creators make money off of posting on their platforms. This also helps you establish and nurture relationships with your existing and prospective customers by staying relevant. Not only would you make profits from your content, but now you are gaining growth rates for prospective customers as well. 72% of businesses say content marketing increased engagement and the number of leads that they generate. 
Search Engine Optimization

  • Social media aids in planning and implementing SEO however, social media does not directly contribute to your SEO rankings. SEOs can assist in your rankings by content performance, backlinks, and more traffic to your website, building trust, driving brand awareness and creating exposure. Social media gives you visibility. As you post, the links shared across social media help increase brand exposure and link popularity. This can also help you rank for search terms. Although the media can help, you need to optimize your website. You can do this by having regular postings on your GMB profile, and keeping your GMB information updated. This will help you get a higher ranking for google. 

Social Media
  • Since we have mentioned social media above, let's now talk in more depth about it. Being active on social media is crucial. You can be active in social media through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, and YouTube. You can post, direct message, post videos, blogs and guides, upload infographics, respond to comments, add locations, and like/comment on others posts as well. This helps you follow others in your area and connect with other businesses which could lead to partnering. Social media is also great for hashtags. All of these things will be geared towards targeting your potential and existing customers. By interaction and keeping up with your following, it will allow you to gain credibility and visibility. This also allows you to help message and communicate easier for prospective customers and their questions that they might have building accessible communication.

  • Hashtags are a great way to gain credibility on any online media. Hashtags are written with a # symbol. They are indexed hyperlinked keywords or topics. They are a way to tag the things that you post and it links them to others posts in the same category or topic creating a montage of photos and videos of the same category. Hashtags are an important and effective marketing tool however many companies do not understand how to use them properly or just skip them entirely. This limits the reach of your posts and the ability of your company to show up to new audiences. Hashtags are an easier way to find a certain product or service on media. All a prospective client has to do is type in #Marketing on instagram, and your post will come up along with thousands of other posts. 

Persuasive Message Strategy
  • A persuasive skill in marketing is crucial. This helps marketing professionals to change preconceived notions of their potential clients and make them believe in their services and products instead of their competitors. The key points of your business must answer the prospective customers buying questions and be communicated in a convincing way. You can create persuasive messages by setting the right tone, sending more than one message or objective, and study and listen to customer preferences and feedback. 

Custom Build

  • Another great way to grow your business is to make it different. You want to build a brand that stands out and catches the attention of potential customers. You want them to remember YOUR business. That way, even if they move on and don’t commit to anything when they visit your page, they will remember you and differentiate you from your competitors. Resulting in this - your brand is constantly in their head, they're thinking about you, they will come back. According to ChatMeter, you have 10 seconds to stand out to a potential customer and convince them to stay. you need to stand out. To stand out, create an easy to navigate website, social media conversions ,an exclusive reward for customers, and be sure to identify the customers problem and showcase the solution. 
    • Your website should be mobile friendly to help the experience of your customers. Plus, 60% of website visits last year were from mobile devices.
  •  Once you stand out, you can use landing pages, social media, your mission statement, and your lead magnet to convince your potential customer to choose you. 

In Conclusion

  • In conclusion, there are many ways to gain growth through digital marketing for your business. However, sometimes it can get costly. At Stradigi, we get that. We offer our services for 50% less or more than our competitors. We understand that small, local businesses need a helping hand and some mentoring. That's why we are here to help. For more information please contact us today or take a look at our free businesses assessment to see where you can improve!