Here at Stradigi, we believe that it is a necessity to have an online presence and lead generation. 
  • A lead is someone who shows interest in your company. 
    • This could be someone searching for your service or someone just familiarizing themselves with information about it.
  • An online lead generation is the process of building your target market's solutions in your services with the outcome of a sale. 
    • This can be done through online content, lead management systems, and lead generation softwares.
Lead generation is about taking the pain of the prospects, showing them that you understand their problems, and creating a solution. To have this, you need a well planned and executed online presence.
  • An online presence is all of the collected information about your company that is found on the internet
    • An example of this is a website or profile page
 Know that you need exceptional quality content relevant to target the right market. This content needs to be relatable, knowledgeable, and relevant to the potential sales qualified leads in your target audience. Stradigi believes that you need to put the quality and effort into your online presence to get the right website visitors. It’s up to your online store fronts, website, landing pages, and Google My Business profile to convert these quality visitors into sales qualified leads. Now it’s up to your sales team to make the sales and generate the consistent revenue that you desire to have.

Converting the right quality visitors into sales qualified leadsNow that we have a brief understanding on how the right online presence can drive quality visitors to your online store fronts, let's get into converting these quality visitors into sales qualified leads. This is one of the most crucial things to prioritize when planning your content. Your online presence needs to attract the desired consumers. Before purchasing your products or hiring you and your crew, consumers will compare different services, prices, and research more information about their pain to help them understand what they need. So, how do you stand out? Well, you need interaction. This could be subscriptions, downloading content from your website, or even asking for product customer service. Once you have converted that online information to communication with a prospective customer, you will have an instant lead. This is when relatability and knowledge come in. You need to relate to the consumer's pain. What are they trying to fix? What happened? What are they directly or indirectly looking for? Next, You need some knowledge. Most consumers are quite confused on what they are looking for. This is where you need to assist them. Most of the time, customers are searching for solutions or services that can solve their problems but are often confused with what they need and what they don't. You have to show them the knowledge of their pain and answers that help them identify their solutions and needs to fix it.

Organic VS. Inorganic

Since we know the information needed for your online presence, we need to know more about the leads that you are trying to attract. There are two main types of leads. These are Organic and Inorganic leads. Organic leads are also known as inbound leads. These are prospects who are attracted to your company. They come directly to you. This could be through downloading a piece of content, requesting a free assessment through your website, or even filling out an inquiry form. Another great way of organic marketing is through Google Keyword Search. Google keyword Search is a free listing in Google search that appears because it's relevant to someone's search. This is distinguished by keywords. Keywords are the words and phrases that people type into search engines to find what they're looking for. These free listings rank by real ratings and popularity. Typically organic marketing is to attract audiences and increase brand awareness. This is a long term plan to generate real customers. Secondly, we have Inorganic leads, also known as outbound leads. These are the leads that are found. They could be found by you or an agency. This would be through cold calling, email campaigns, and social media advertisements. Typically, these leads are paid to convert audiences on a specific campaign. An example of this is a Paid Google Ad. Unlike the Google Keyword Search, these are paid to be at the top of the search engine page. They are often not based on reviews but based on paid advertisements. Although one type of lead may appeal more to you, practically you will need them both. To maintain a steady revenue, you have to be prioritizing both inorganic and organic leads. This will help you gain the maximum potential of leads possible to eliminate ebbs and flows.


After the information provided above, we hope that you believe that an online presence and lead generation are as important as we do. Lead generations are needed to help build business opportunities, improve leads, and target consumers. With this, you will be able to have a more predictable revenue and avoid ebbs and flows. This is crucial to any business owner. At Stradigi we would love to help you see what your inbound or outbound needs are. We have a great team ready to help you create a great revenue. Contact us today!

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