When you fall in love with a Netflix series or leave the movie theater feeling a flurry of emotions, this is a direct result of quality storytelling. The way a story latches itself to our minds and becomes impossible to forget is a remarkable thing.

The same principles of storytelling are at play in a marketing campaign. When a potential customer watches a commercial that tugs at their heart strings, listens to an ad on their music streaming platform that makes them laugh, or interacts with an email survey that defines their wants and needs, a brand becomes memorable.

Keep in mind, just having a marketing campaign is not enough. It must be effective in telling a story to leave a lasting impression. At Stradigi, we specialize in local online presence for small businesses. We focus on helping small businesses get found online when a Google local keyword search is performed, with the goal being to optimize your website, Google My Business profile (GMB), and off-page SEO assets (citations, authoritative backlinks, content, and social media).

We utilize our unique proprietary marketing platform built specifically for local small businesses to be found online. We utilize local website technology, also called near-me technology, to give your business a local presence in every area you provide services. Next, we optimize your Google My Business profile to align with what Google wants to see. GMB is the most critical component of local marketing for any small business. To learn more, read our whitepaper Google My Business “The Most Important Local Marketing Tool”.  

Focus On Your Goal

A marketing campaign must be fluid and continuous. You are telling a comprehensive story about your product or service, so focus on the goal of your marketing campaign and gear visual, auditory, and written content towards fulfilling it.

The term ‘marketing’ means something entirely different than ‘advertising.’ Marketing is the plan of action, which is why it is referred to as a ‘marketing campaign.’ It is the blueprint, whereas advertising refers to the physical pieces that drive the marketing campaign, like social media posts, graphic design, and more.

Keeping a nice flow throughout your advertising means consistent details in advertising pieces. This includes background music in video media or perhaps color schemes in graphics. A soft repetition ensures your story is going to have staying power.

Which Platforms Work

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram; social platform options seem never ending today. Mastering every last one of them and their unique parameters is a tremendous undertaking. Instead, discover where your target market is to eliminate the noise.

Doing so will help you better budget for what type of media you actually need. If research shows that most of your clientele is reading blogs and articles on LinkedIn, you can allocate more finances towards content writing.

However, that does not mean you should completely ignore new potential sales leads on platforms you ordinarily do not utilize. Growth is important in all businesses, so in the early stages of your marketing campaign, identify the new market you are trying to capture and get a better understanding of the social platform they utilize.

We Are Here To Help

Why consider a marketing campaign for your business or organization? The answer is simple: people are human, and they connect with authentic, genuine stories. We understand you may not know where to start, so let our team at Stradigi help!

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