2021 is still fresh, but we can look at the 2020 figures to see just how powerful Snapchat really is. As of June 2019, Snapchat had more than 200 million active daily users, meaning that more than 200 million people actively sign in to their Snapchat accounts each and every day. This shows just the kind of powerhouse Snapchat is in the social media field, and why it’s one that your business should not be ignoring. While Snapchat may have started as simple short videos sent from friend to friend, it’s now become a social media platform for users to simply “hang out” on. Like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, Snapchat is a resource for businesses looking to reach massive audiences of particular demographics.

75% of Snapchat users are under 34 years old, with 39% aged 18 to 24. If your brand is looking to reach younger Millennials and Gen Z, there is no better place to focus your marketing than on what Snapchat has to offer.

Tips For Using Snapchat
If you’ve determined that Snapchat is a fit for your demographic, and you’re interested in bringing your brand onto this platform, you may be wondering just what you should do next. A few tips for using Snapchat for your digital marketing are:

  • Really know your audience – If you’re targeting 28-32-year-olds, your approach to digital marketing will be a little different than if you’re targeting the college-aged crowd. Snapchat may cater best to those between the ages of 22 and 34, but there are many specific demographic groups within this range. Really get to know your audience, know who you want to focus on, and zero in on this group in particular with your marketing messages.

  • Feel it out with a personal account – If you’re completely unfamiliar with Snapchat, first focus on a personal account you can play with. You don’t want to sink effort into marketing campaigns only for simple errors to block them from reaching your audiences. Opting for a personal account first lets you get a feel for the platform as a whole, so when you’re signed in to your business account you’re completely confident in what you’re doing.

  • Plan the types of content to publish – Do you want to showcase products? Provide tutorials? Conduct demos? Plan out the types of content you want to publish, and focus on how that content contributes to your overall message.

  • Create engagement – Don’t stop at posting and getting your message across, engage with your followers and friendly brands as well. Social media is all about engagement, and this is a feature that should never be skipped over when using Snapchat.

The New Age Of Social Media
Social media is evolving, and brands need to evolve with it in order to stay on top. Snapchat is the latest and greatest platform to make use of, and a few tips can make your experience all the more confident. If you’re interested in bringing your brand into 2021 with success, see what we at Stradigi can do for you today.

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