When you use social media advertising for your business, then running a successful Facebook ad strategy is vital. Facebook ads happen to be one of the cheapest and most easily trackable forms of online advertising available. For this reason, many small businesses are turning to Facebook ads to increase sales and maintain the control they have over their ads.

However, to run a successful Facebook ad strategy, you need to keep a few key points in mind.

What Is Your Goal?

If you want to be successful, then you need to know what your goal is and what you are working so hard to achieve. What is the purpose of the ads? What do you want them to do? Are they going to be used so that you can gain new followers, increase your sales, or maybe even increase engagement? Determine your specific marketing objective, and then you can run a successful campaign.

Find Your Target Audience

Facebook currently has over 1.66 billion daily users, which allows you the opportunity to convert more of them into new customers for your business. However, just simply posting on Facebook won't lead to your success. You have to effectively run Facebook ads in order to generate new sales.  To do this, you need to nail down your target audience.

To help locate your target audience, there are several tools you can use online, including Facebook's Audience Insights tool. It allows you to set specific parameters. For example, you can say you only want to advertise to those 18 years and older and who live in the United States.

Once these parameters are set, you can begin searching for other data regarding your competitor's followers and find demographic information you can use to build your target audience.

Don't Try to Be Too Persuasive

Not many people actually like being advertised to either. People may reject something if they feel as if they are being persuaded. The good news? Facebook ads don't really actually sound like ads. Instead, they are geared toward making users understand the benefits of clicking rather than telling them to click. So, create a good call to action that makes users understand how beneficial the ad is going to be for them.

Develop Landing Pages

A landing page is a good marketing strategy for any kind of lead campaign. They also turn out to be quite a necessity when it comes to Facebook ads. The landing page is where the lead capture form is and where you collect the user's information. This allows you to convert visitors into leads while also gathering valuable information about who your target audience is. So, when someone clicks on a Facebook ad, it is beneficial to have it lead them to a landing page.

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