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The Online Storefront


Have you already completed the steps to part one and you still aren’t getting leads? If so, we need to take a look at your online storefront.  An online storefront is the entry way for your target market to find your business and services. This is important because any website has one job and one job only - to get the visitor to take action. Essentially to get a new lead. If your online storefront is not accurate, then your target market won't be either. Since online storefronts have five seconds to identify to the customer if they are a good fit for our goods or services, it is crucial that within those five seconds you have an easy-to-read storefront main hero image where the website visitor can self identify if you are a good fit for them. The main hero image should tell the visitor who you are targeting, local small businesses. What services you provide, easy, affordable, and effective end-to-end online marketing solution. A pain that your service or solution solves, saves you 50%* on your marketing costs. Lastly, list a benefit the visitor will get from using your service(s), help you grow your business. This all needs to be concise and fit into one sentence. The goal is if this main hero image is to capture their attention so they want to scroll down your page. Without a reason to stay, they will just go back to the search engine page and keep searching, taking their business somewhere else. And just like that, you've lost a lead. Online visitors are important because your company will have two types of website visitors. They include the visitor that is ready to buy or trial your product right now, or the visitor that is still looking for the solution to their problem.

What Is an Online Storefront and Why Is It Important?

In traditional businesses, a storefront is a way to enter a physical store. However, an online storefront is a bit different. An online storefront is the entry point for your target market on your website. An online storefront is a strategic online marketing plan that focuses on your target market, business and consumer pains, differentiating factors between you and your competitors, benefits of your company, geographical locations, keywords, and SEO’s (Search Engine Optimizations), and your lead magnets to get the visitor to take an action. All of these things make up your online storefront. You will need a strong storefront to strike your target market when they enter through your website home page.

The Visitor Who Is Ready to Buy
If you believe that your online storefront is good, ask yourself this, “Do I have a lead magnet?” The lead magnet is key to enticing the visitor to take an action. For any customer who is ready to take those next steps for the solution to their pain, they will need a clearly identified way to contact you. An example of this would be a free consultation or a free trial to test your services. Remember, it does you no good if you drive visitors to your website, but you don’t convert them into a sales qualified lead.

The Visitor Who Is Still Researching

Visitors page hop for many reasons. They could be researching their business problems, trying to find the best solution and deals that they can, comparing multiple service providers, or randomly scrolling through the internet one day. These visitors aren’t making a decision yet and will read about your solution to their pain.  They will either rule you out or add you to their short list. It’s important to stay in front of these potential leads so they don’t forget about your solution. How do you stay top of mind? Get their contact information. How do you get their contact information? Trade their contact information for a piece of content that helps them research and discover the right solution to their pains. An example of that content would be a list. This could be a top 10 list such as, “ The top 10 signs to look for when hiring an HVAC service provider”. This would give them knowledge and a free point of view.  You would get their contact information to market to them via a communication drip campaign. This contact info should be just a few pieces of info; their name, company name, email address and maybe their phone number. The fewer the items the better. 

In Conclusion

In conclusion, an online storefront is one of the most important things to have. You do not want to be a customer's “best kept secret”. The best way to avoid that is by having a page to remember. Having a great storefront will be good for current customers and great for potential customers. Here at Stradigi we can assist you with all of your storefront needs. This could be targeting more leads, help with SEO’s, or even understanding an online storefront more.  Contact us today to see why we are the preferred end-to-end marketing solution for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs.

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