All businesses can have success driving many online visitors to their site. But the great ones know how to convert those visitors into leads. The key is being strategic in your effort to convert visitors into leads. We will discuss how to drive more website traffic to your site and convert them into leads. 

How do you drive in more website traffic?

Traffic that stays on your site helps improve your search rankings. But having a lot of search traffic and very few conversions is no help to your company. A way to increase traffic and conversions is to optimize your Google My Business listing. Each listing needs links to the website and photos of the business and its employees. Listings also need a company description, customer reviews, and answers to customer questions. Updated listings get seven times more traffic to your site than a poor business listing. 

Here are a few tactics to create higher website traffic. Building backlinks helps Google trust your site, which improves your search ranking. It also creates opportunities for website visitors to see your site. Social media posts can reference your website to increase visitors to your site. Getting listed on online directories helps provide credibility for your company. If people trust a company, they are more willing to visit the website. These tactics will lead to quality traffic on your site and result in more leads. 

How do you convert a visitor into a lead?

After following the steps above, you begin to direct that traffic where you want them to go. Industry content repackaged as a free blog or a video download is a way to provide visitors value. Returning visitors are likely to give you their information for more valuable content. A simple way to convert visitors into leads is using forms. The landing pages you direct customers to should have a call-to-action to fill out a form. Contact forms provide you with contact information to turn that lead into a paying customer. 

Retargeted display ads and email marketing can convert visitors into leads. The ads should tailor to the individual to generate a lead. Retargeting uses browsing history and any information they have provided you. Stradigi Virtual Marketing has a team of digital marketers that can generate more leads for you. Our built-in CRM reporting dashboard can streamline the process of inbound & outbound emails. We can also analyze where your website visitors are coming from to create the best landing pages. The customized landing pages will develop more leads. Trust the experts to bring you the leads your company needs. 

Today you learned multiple tactics to drive more website visitors to your website. We also discussed ways that Stradigi can help you convert those visitors into leads. Stradigi helps fill the void in the digital marketing service industry for small business owners. Our data-driven strategies will propel your company’s growth forward. Contact us today to learn more about how we can grow your customer base. 

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