With eCommerce becoming more of a booming industry year after year, brick and mortar retail giants are falling hard. Digital and eCommerce are definitely causing significant disruption in the world of retail.

Over the last year, we have seen over 9,300 store closures with major retailers filing for bankruptcy. Amazon is generating billions in sales. So, what can a retailer do to thrive in a world of eCommerce?

Create Real-Time Demand

Many people actually go into a brick-and-mortar store to actually see a product and touch it before they run home, get online, and purchase it at a lower price. This is your chance to get key information about these customers.

You see that they want to try the products first which also means that their time and the time it takes to drive to the store doesn't matter much to them either. So, convenience isn't always going to be the driving force here.

Now you have to create real-time demand. You are presented with the opportunity to get the customer to walk out of the store with the product.

To stay ahead, retailers should look into improving mobile apps so the customers can use those apps while they are in the store. The apps will offer more deals along with the product location and information. This helps you make a sale at that moment. It is using technology effectively to reach your business goals.

Join the Competition

Many people choose to purchase on Amazon rather than retailer's websites because of the free one-day shipping that Amazon offers. So, if you feel as if they are the ones taking the customers, then you need to offer the same incentive to the customers so they will purchase from you instead.

People also like to read reviews before they buy an item, so make sure your website is optimized to include this valuable information, so they don't have to look elsewhere for it.

Build Relationships

Engaging with customers is more important than ever in the digital era we are living in. You need to create relationships with your customers and provide more personalized service. If you already have a good website in place, consider adding social media to the mix. It allows you to engage with your customers on a more personal level and offer them more value.

Getting Ahead

These are just a few ways you can start to go up against eCommerce and stay ahead of the competition. Since everyone is looking for the convenience of online shopping, then you need to get ahead and find what works best for your business. Digital marketing is another great way to achieve this.

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