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Go from zero to having a full digital marketing team at your disposal. Hiring a single employee can cost up to $40,000 every year. We manage all of your digital marketing efforts for just $99 per month.

Virtual Marketing Team Membership Benefits: Driving Growth and Accelerating Success

50% of small businesses lack a strategic marketing plan.
86% of small businesses would rather spend their time building the company instead of marketing.
36% of small business owners who handle their own digital marketing lack an actionable growth strategy.
27% of small business owners feel more stressed about their
success this year than last year.

Why Stradigi Is the Right Virtual Marketing Team for You

Marketing is one of the most critical tasks for any business.

Digital marketing offers many advantages, including leveling the playing field for SMBs. With the right combination of strategy and tactics and a team of experts behind you, it becomes possible for small and medium businesses to compete with enterprise-level organizations.

Sadly, many small business owners cannot afford to hire in-house digital marketing talent, which all too often means the business owner tries to handle digital marketing on their own. That erodes their ability to do what they do best – building a thriving business.

A virtual marketing team solves these problems and more. At Stradigi, we become part of your team without the expense involved in hiring in-house employees. We work hand-in-hand with you to leverage digital technology and build brand recognition while you spend your time on mission-critical matters. Cost-effective, growth-oriented, and brand-supportive, our virtual marketing team helps you build a thriving company.
Group 5814-min
Most small business owners find locating new customers their biggest challenge.
Group 5814-min
Small business owners state marketing as their primary focus to ensure business growth.
Group 5814-min
Marketing remains the most underinvested area among small business owners.
of small business
owners run marketing
entirely on their own.
of small business owners spend less than 2 hours per week handling digital marketing.

The Benefits of a Virtual Marketing Team

Group 217-min
Marketing Staff
Group 217-min
Keep Up with Current Marketing Trends
Group 217-min
Stay Up-to-Date on the Digital Marketing Knowledge
Group 217-min
Access to Multiple Skill-
Sets and Specialties
Group 217-min
Less Expensive than Hiring In-House Staff
Group 217-min
Ability to Maximize Your
Marketing Budget
Group 217-min
Get Outsider
Perspective on Your
Group 217-min
Shift from Tactics to
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What Do You Get with Stradigi?

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Quarterly Marketing Assessments for Real-Time Course Adjustments

Group 4789-min
Initial & Ongoing Marketing Strategy Development
Group 4789-min
Initial & Quarterly Strategic Marketing Plan Development
Group 4789-min
  • Expert Digital Marketing Management for Hands-Off Success
Group 4789-min
Conversion Marketing Management
Group 4789-min
Monthly & Quarterly Analytics for Visibility and Informed Decision-Making
Group 4789-min
Access to the Latest Trends, Technology, & Tactics
Group 4789-min
Access to an Experienced, Knowledgeable Marketing Team
Group 4789-min
On-going Marketing Support
Group 4789-min
Custom-Created Digital Marketing Content and Creative Assets

Become a Virtual Marketing Member Today!
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Step 1

Digital Marketing Strategy Services

The Stradigi team works with you and/or your team to create a marketing strategy, which is used to
develop a strategic marketing plan that will drive your businesses growth.
Setting Goals & Metrics
Identifying your Target Market
Identifying Customer Pain-Points
Identifying a Differentiating Solution
Identifying Target Benefits
Building your Value Proposition
Identifying Lead Magnet(s) & Tripwire(s)
Building Keyword Phrase List
Group 4892-min
Step 2

Digital Marketing Services

The Stradigi team will begin executing the marketing strategic plan. This begins with setting up you digital marketing ervices with the end result of driving qualified visitors to your website.
Organic On-Page SEO
Organic Off-Page SEO
Paid Target Marketing
Group 4892-min
Step 3

Conversion Marketing

The Stradigi team will optimize your website and landing page(s) to increase the conversion of qualified website visitors to qualified sales leads.
Website Conversion Optimization
Landing Page(s) Conversion Optimization
Group 4913-min

Become a Virtual Marketing Member and Work with a Full Team of Digital Marketing Specialists

Includes FREE strategic marketing plan.