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What is a Strategic Marketing Approach?

Struggling to make headway? Can’t quite connect with your audience online? A strategic marketing approach overcomes those challenges through the application of specific applications and strategic steps designed to maximize the value and reach of your digital marketing plan and amplify its results.
Our clients often face serious challenges when it comes to strategic digital marketing. They’re business owners, not marketing experts. Clearly identifying a target market, identifying your audience’s pain points, solving those problems with a solution your competitors don’t offer, and fully highlighting the benefits your solution offers take time away from what you do best.

At Stradigi, we deliver end-to-end support throughout the entire digital marketing cycle, from target market identification to differentiating your solution so that it stands out. With a strategic digital marketing plan, we help you identify how to hit your goals while keeping marketing priorities in mind and aligning with key business objectives.

Our strategic marketing approach provides a roadmap to reaching your goals while setting mile markers along the way to provide focus and context.
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Your Business Deserves a Digital Marketing Strategy

Without a virtual marketing plan, how will you achieve your goals? Without an overarching digital marketing strategy, how will you chart a course forward? Your business deserves an expertly designed digital marketing strategy to:

  • Align your team with business goals
  • Align sales and marketing with business objectives
  • Ensure accurate, in-depth market research
  • Align your product or service with audience needs and expectations

Ultimately, a digital marketing strategy helps ensure that you’re intelligently targeting your ideal customer. In turn, that reduces marketing costs while driving up effectiveness, reach, and ROI. It’s about identifying the right leads and then converting those leads into sales effectively and efficiently.

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Small businesses that implemented a successful digital marketing strategy increased their success rate by 300%.
Small businesses that set strategical digital marketing goals are 376% more successful.
Small businesses that plan digital marketing campaigns are 356% more successful.


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Advantages of a Stradigi Digital Marketing Strategy and Plan

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Identifies your target audience and then promotes your business.
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Helps you better understand your customers’ pain points and expectations.
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Aligns your sales and marketing efforts with business goals.
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Aligns your product/service with your market and your audience.
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Develop a deep understanding of your competitive advantage(s).
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Provides direction and guidance to foster clarity and action.
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Produces a defined value proposition to communicate to your audience.
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Integrates long-term planning and short-term execution to guide success.

Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning Tools and Methods

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SWOT Analysis
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Competitor Analysis
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Segmenting & Targeting
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Value Proposition
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Buyer Persona
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Group 4789-min
Group 4789-min
Group 4789-min
Group 4789-min
Group 4789-min
Group 4789-min
Group 4789-min
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Key Metrics
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A strategic digital marketing plan increases your chances of success. Get your free marketing strategy and plan when you become a virtual marketing member.

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